About us

We are a games studio exploring new ways to play. Based in Cologne, Germany.

Exploring play

We make games about the things that we love. Taking inspiration from an eclectic mishmash of the games we love, design, art, literature, and music, we synthesize original game experiences with a unique handcrafted flair. We love working with analog materials and putting the grit back into the computer. It's our passion to explore and experiment with new game mechanics, always pushing the envelope of what games can and should be.

The Team

Raven Rusch
Co-Ceo/Art Director

Raven Rusch

Raven is responsible for the artistic direction at neoludic. His work is always influenced by a fusion of digital and analog styles and techniques. Raven brings his expertise in concept art, painting, 3D, music, and sound design. He loves to set every little detail into its cohesive whole.

David Wildemann
Co-Ceo/Creative Director

David Wildemann

David is the creative director at neoludic games. In this role, David combines his game development and game design expertise with a deep-seated belief in the creative power of small teams, to direct small projects with tall ambitions.

Writer/Community Manager

Charlotte "Lotti" Zapfe

Lotti is working on the characters and stories of Tiny Bookshop, as well as connecting players with its quirky worlds and loveable inhabitants. In this role, she makes use of her passion for knowing too much about fictional people, and talking about them to anyone who will listen.

Gameplay Programmer

Maurice "Morris" Andreas

Morris combines his attention to detail with a passion for experimentation in his role as neoludic's gameplay programmer. He likes to create vibrant and responsive game worlds.